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  1. kmecpp

    Minigame Idea Competition

    Team deathmatch Two teams, face off with guns and grenades. There is a preset list of loadouts to choose from. First team to 50 kills wins. Time limit of 15m.
  2. kmecpp

    Minigame Idea Competition

    Regular bedwars ...but ranked, or no parties, or only party vs party, so that you don't get absolutely destroyed by being on a random team and having some pro team absolutely destroy you
  3. kmecpp

    Minigame Idea Competition

    Post ideas for minigames in this thread. Please be as detailed as possible Like posts that you think would be really awesome and fun to play. The best minigame will be added to the server
  4. kmecpp

    Better Power cable

    I will buff uni cables. Any suggestions on the amounts for each tier?
  5. kmecpp

    Screenshot competition for the modpack loading screen

    Post your coolests in game screenshots of your base or anything else and feel free to vote on others posts! Optifine + Shaders suggested. Preference will also be given to screenshots which show off the mods and not just vanilla type stuff. Anyone that gets their screenshot included in the...
  6. kmecpp

    Drop party

    What's not working about them? Please submit a ticket with the details for us to fix the problem.
  7. kmecpp

    Welcome to the new website!

  8. kmecpp

    Welcome to the new website!

    Welcome to the new website!