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VoidFlame Network Updates

Fixed /rw claim/check <reward> error message for when the reward doesn't exist
Updated trackers so that they only send you coords if the item is in your inventory
Fixed an rare issue that could allow a tracker to remain active after relogging or using /tk scan
Made major improvements to our backups and rollback system
Implemented a backend for modpack stats
Added the ability to link your Discord and Minecraft. Receive a $3,000 reward for doing this
Add support for all minecraft versions to join the hub
Prevent GC meteors from spawning at x or z coords greater than 1000
Increased raiding main world border to 20k
Small improvements to /ar check
Simplified the website sign up process
Fixed ban messages to be more clear
Placing a grinder next to an autospawner will insta kill all spawned mobs
Updated suggestion site to support single sign on with XenForo login
Fixed website sign ups and the website apply page


VCM - All Servers
VCM - Raiding
VCM - Towny