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VoidFlame Network Updates

Warnings are given if trying to /sethome less than 512 blocks from spawn
Fixed /tpradius and /rtp now tells you the coordinates you are teleporting to
Reimplemented the 50 living entity, 200 item entity limits per chunk to prevent lag and crashes
Laser drills are now less efficient with multiple in the same chunk but you can merge them together by shift right clicking on one with another in your hand
Place chests undernearth grinders filled with PortaSpawners, reusable safari nets or cursed earth to more efficiently farm the respective mobs
Updated recipes for: Grinder, Auto-Spawner, Safari Net (single use), and PortaSpawner
Fixed suggestion site loosing sessions when it is restarted
Fixed an issue that could cause you use a drop party without it actually running
Fixed /rw claim/check <reward> error message for when the reward doesn't exist
Updated trackers so that they only send you coords if the item is in your inventory
Fixed an rare issue that could allow a tracker to remain active after relogging or using /tk scan
Made major improvements to our backups and rollback system
Implemented a backend for modpack stats
Added the ability to link your Discord and Minecraft. Receive a $3,000 reward for doing this
Add support for all minecraft versions to join the hub


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